New Consignors:

By appointment only.

Call for your appointment – 952-895-5533


We will only sell items that are in excellent/good condition, clean and with up-to-date styles;

in short….furniture you would be proud to put in your home.

We would like to see photos of your furniture items, You can email this info, we will need to know if the  items have been in a smoke and/or pet                                                                                       environment so as to declare to our customers.

We do have a 7,000 sq ft show room, but it may not be possible to accept your item immediately;  so we will be happy to put you on a wait list.

Items sell daily and we will call you as soon as space is available.


Our pricing formula consists of condition, style, price, sq ft needed, locked cases needed, etc.

We work with each individual, and the merchandise being brought in.

We will help with the pricing and research of   historical pieces, estate items; we do all the pricing,     merchandising, and marketing to sell your product.

All items must be clean, if items are not clean and ready to be put on the floor, we will access a $15.00 a 1/2 hour cleaning fee.

The product never becomes our property but after a said period of time we will need to be aggressive with mark downs.  Shoppers know to shop often, so with keeping our inventory fresh, they will stop back often.

Getting items to our Store:

We are open 7 days a week.  For larger items you will need to have an appointment and you are responsible for getting your items to the store.  We will help unload said items but we do not always have strong arms to help. We can also give you the name of the movers that we work with that can help you, their fees are very reasonable.

Responsible Bookkeeping:

Our customized computer system will keep you informed with up to-date;  daily, weekly, & monthly reports.  We will inventory, mark and display you’re items in an upscale retail environment.  We take pride in offering high quality merchandise with exceptional service to our customers.

You’re Consignment Pay Check:

Checks are available to be picked up at the store on the 10th of each month.  We will also receive a statement with a detail of what you sold, for how much, less your percent, and any fees or coupons used, if they are applicable.

We are the Easiest way to Sell your Gently used Home Décor, and The Smart Way to Buy your new home needs. Consigning is the ultimate way to help save our landfills, and put extra money in your pocket. Selling or buying TOHF is a win win solution. We are the best place to find quality name brand consignment.  We consign New salesman’s samples, parade of home furniture, Estate items “Gently used” furniture and decorative accessories.  Down Sizing, Spring Cleaning, Changing your décor, Transitioning family members.  We can help with  just one item to a Full Estate Sale, Free in home estimates.  Check out Estate Sisters