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Framed old building with door and windows

Metal Star / Framed Art

Decor Finial / Lamp / Art

Hanging Wall Mirror

Yellow Quilt Wall Mirror / Wire Basket

Iron Candle Sconce w/ Timer Candle

Large Stained Glass Mallard in Flight

White Wicker Mirror / Hanging Light

Candle on Silver Base / Framed art / Table topper

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Framed Vase of Roses

Pottery Pitcher / Bird / Framed Hat

Glass dome Wall art Clock

Metal Leaves / wall

Candle Holder / Wall Art

Metal Wall Decor / Stars / Florals

Large Wall Canvas / Glass Decor

Framed Art & Stained Glass Window

Tin Star Large / Vase

Large Metal Wall Gate

Iron Wall Candle holders

Silver Metal Wall Art

Metal Stars Variety of Sizes

Framed Fruit Decor

Metall Wall Art / Plated Holders